About Us

I’m Kate, fearless leader here at Fangs and Fur. I’ve had a lifelong love affair with books, ignited at a young age by my mom.  I’m passionate about history.  I love guns, coffee, tea, reading and my family.  I collect tea sets and American Girl dolls.  I’m the mother of the three weirdest children you will ever meet; they are my greatest accomplishment.  Self-proclaimed nerd and Southern Girl (all sass but no accent).  I can be contacted through Twitter, Instagram, and email.

I’m Oliver, Kate’s younger sibling. I’m a dog lover, tarot reader, and–of course–an avid book reader. I’m a gay transgender farmer and electrician in rural West Virginia. Bringing you Thirsty for Diversity Thursdays and other features on Fangs and Fur. I can be reached through email and a very underutilized Twitter.

I’m Russ, the eccentric one of the bunch and married to Kate.  I am also “the admin” which means I work on the website with none of the creative control.  My biggest passions are cooking, wine and random eccentric passions like collecting antique fishing reels, Coleman stoves, Dietz lanterns and obsolete electronics.  I read a wide range of material and from time-to-time I am told by Kate what to read.  Most recently I completed the Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown.  To contact me, click on one of the myriad of “admin” links on every page of this blog.